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Speech and Drama


Welcome to the 2016 – 2017 Speech and Drama season!

Speech and Drama is an extra-curricular competitive activity sanctioned by the MHSA (Montana High School Association) offering a variety of speaking and performance events. Participation in Speech and Drama is an excellent opportunity to develop public speaking skills. 



Head Coach: Mrs. Jane McArthur

Assistant: Miss Julie Frank




Speech and Drama provides opportunities for individual as well as team accomplishments. Team and individual success depends on the level of commitment. It is the expectation that each student is making a serious commitment to this activity. The time spent working outside of scheduled practices makes the difference in competition.  





To participate a student must:

a. Pay the $45 high school activity fee.

b. Turn in the attached form signed by student and parent.

c. Meet school district and MHSA academic, attendance, and behavior eligibility requirements.




1.   Students must attend practice a minimum of three times per week. This includes the mandatory Monday meeting/practice.

2.   Practice sign-up sheets can be found near the practice rooms each day.   Please make sure that all competitors have signed for their practice before signing up for additional time slots.

3.   Competitors should not schedule all practices on one day.

4.   Practices are held in the art room and the small side of the High School Activities Room.

5.   Individuals waiting in the halls will exhibit exemplary behavior.  Unacceptable behavior such as excessive noise, disrespect for the school and its property, or PDA beyond what the school allows will result in being sent home.

6.   Practice schedules will be distributed on Oct. 3rd during the first team practice.

7.   You must have completed the required practices during the week to attend the meet. Make-up practices will be allowed only in the event of a legitimate extenuating circumstance.

8.   Every opportunity should be made to contact a coach by phone, e-mail, or in person to okay an excused absence.  It is not okay to communicate through another team member.






The team will be traveling to at least seven meets as well as the Divisional Tournament and the State Tournament. Every attempt should be made to attend all Speech and Drama meets. We realize students may find it necessary to miss a meet because of extenuating circumstances. Registrations must be sent to the Tournament Director in advance. Once the registration is sent, we must pay for those entered. If a student drops for any reason other than illness or family emergency, the student will reimburse the school for the entry fee and the drop fee if one is required. Please call Mrs. McArthur as far in advance as possible. As with missing practice, it is not okay to communicate through another team member.


Because MHS Speech & Drama is a team activity, students are encouraged to ride the bus home with their team mates. In the case of an unforeseen event, a student may ride home with a parent (s).  AFTER SIGNING THEM OUT WITH ONE OF THE COACHES, parents may take their student(s) home. Students may not leave with anyone other than their parent or guardian.



Varsity letters are awarded to team members who qualify. Competitors must place at four meets or the Divisional meet to earn a varsity letter.



There are limited spots for each of the speech and drama categories. Only three entries are allowed in each event at a Speech Meet, so tryouts may be required. 


Attire and hair code will be regulated by the coach and ultimately, the administration. Dress and hair style will be conservative and styles that do not draw excessive attention to individuals. For speech events, students must wear professional clothing as it is considered an important part of competition. If a participant is unclear as to what is acceptable, they should ask their coach. Loss of participation rights may result if violations occur.


MHS Speech and Drama competitors are expected to represent the school and themselves with good sportsmanship and poise. Respect for coaches, judges and competitors will be exhibited at all times.



1. Each incident of unacceptable behavior as outlined in the MHS handbook and this handout will result in one strike.  

2. Two strikes will result in the loss of a meet.

3. Three strikes will result in the removal from the team.

4. Less than the required amount of practices each week will result in loss of that week's meet.

5. Breaking travel rules as outlined in the MHS handbook and Speech & Drama handout will result in the removal from the team.  In addition, a parent or guardian may be called to immediately retrieve the offending team member.




If you have any questions regarding any of the above information, please contact Coach McArthur.




Coach McArthur -

School: 406-284-3250 ext. 334

Home: 406-284-6541

Cell: 406-600-4298 








We have read the Manhattan Speech & Drama information and understand the contents.



Name _________________________________     Phone ___________________________


Address __________________________________________________________________


Parent contact info: Phone___________________ E-Mail__________________________ 


Student Signature ________________________________ Date _____________________


Parent Signature _________________________________ Date _____________________



Please sign, date and return this form to Coach McArthur at the first practice, October 3rd.