We are Getting Close to Groundbreaking

As we move into February, the district is getting closer to a groundbreaking date for the building project. We are hopeful we can have a ceremony on February 28th, so stay tuned!

We have been very busy working out final easement details with the Town of Manhattan and Homestead In Manhattan, LLC. In these details, a construction and fire apparatus road will be constructed by the school district. This road will intersect at the Nixon Gulch Road. Homestead has agreed to cost share the project and has al-so agreed to pay future costs to prepare and construct a street to the standards established by the Town of Manhattan.

I believe this agreement is a win/win for everybody. The district will eventually gain a second street that allows for traffic to flow properly. The city and subdivision gain a road that potentially benefits the citizens living there in the future as well.

I have been very happy with how much bang for the buck we are getting. The project is coming in at around $170/Square Foot (SF), which is almost unheard of in the new school construction market. Most are estimated at $200-250/SF right out of the gate. Slate Architecture and Dick Anderson Construction have done a great job of keeping this a meat-and-potatoes project.

A couple of other project add-ons that have occurred over the last few months include elementary fire alarm/abatement/kitchen improvements. We have had numerous issues with the fire alarm system in the elementary school. While the current system is functional we have had our fair share of problems over the past few years. Because of all of the modifications in and to the elementary building that have been completed or will be completed, we felt a strong need to improve a worn-out fire alarm system. Student safety will always be a driving force behind this project, as well as a priority for the district.

Our team also went through and analyzed our current kitchen lay out. It was decided to make some improvements so we could better and more efficiently serve our students. Our numbers served for lunch have grown dramatically and as we looked at future numbers it was decided that now is the time to rearrange things so we can handle larger numbers and safely prepare meals.

It has been very exciting to watch the process. The team we have put together has a lot of experience and knowledge and there has been a lot of good thought and input put into this school plan. We will get an official groundbreaking date out to you as soon as a few of these final details are taken care of. With February 28th as a tentative date, please keep an eye open for official verification.

Roll On Tigers!!

Scott Chauvet