Wednesday, March 25:
-Senior Graduation committee meeting 12:06
Thursday, March 26:
-Sr. Top 10% 12:06
Friday, March 27:

Saturday, March 28:

Congratulations to the following students who have been elected to membership in National Honor Society. Colter Barney, Shondel Connerton, Jarret Douma, Cody Dykstra, Jolena Grevious, Kayla Johnson, Troy Lucier, Savannah Love, Cole McCloud, Brandi Miller, Adria Pattillo, Turner Stone, and Giulia Weeda.

If you did not clean out your PE/sport locker, your ítems have been collected and put into the shop. You may go over to the shop to claim your ítems.

Senior graduation committee meeting at noon on Wednesday in Mrs. Krogstad's room. We will meet every Wednesday until further notice. Please bring a lunch!

Senior Top 10% meet on Thursday at noon in Mrs. Krogstad's room to talk about graduation speeches. We will meet every Thursday as needed.

The weight room will be open the following times:
-Monday, Wednesday and Friday 7:15 am to 8:15 am.
-Tuesday and Thursday's 3:30 to 4:00 pm

No students are allowed in the weight room without adult/school employee supervision. If you have been going up there unsupervised you are in direct violation of our school facility use policy. In addition, if you have any request from our custodial staff to leave the weight room, you must do so without exception. If you don’t understand this message, stop by the Activities office and see me, I will be glad to explain.