Monday, June 1:
-Girls Basketball meeting 3:45
-Boys Basketball open gym 6:00
Tuesday, June 2:
-Coffee Orders
-Tests: periods 1,3,5
-Juniors: 2:30 scheduling, Library, Act, Lunch, Music check out
-2:30 dismissal for Sophomores & Freshman
-FB gear check out for Sr. & Jr.
-Boys Basketball open gym 6:00
Wednesday, June 3:
-Tests: periods 2,4,6
-Sophomore scheduling with Mr. Sillitti / Freshman scheduling with Mr. Moore 2:30
-2:30 dismissal for Juniors that have finished scheduling
-FB gear check out for So. & Fresh.
-Retirement Celebration in Activities room after school
-Boys Basketball open gym 6:00
Thursday, June 4:
-Tests: period 7
-All Students required to attend @ 10:20am for checkout
-Boys Basketball open gym 6:00
-Last Day of School
Friday, June 5:

Saturday, June 6: