Manhattan School District #3

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SB307 Notice - Resolution of Intent to Impose an Increase in Levies:
As an essential part of its budgeting process, the Manhattan School District Board of Trustees is authorized by law to impose levies to support its budget. The Manhattan School District Board of Trustees estimates the increases/decreases in revenues and mills for the funds noted in this document for next school fiscal year beginning July 1, 2017. Calculations were made using certified taxable valuations from the current school fiscal year as provided to the district. These estimates are preliminary and changes are expected before the 2017-18 final budgets are set in August.


Manhattan School District #3

Board of Trustees

Strategic Plan adopted at October 2012 School Board Meeting. 
Strategic Plan Mid Year Review 2012-2013
Rob Brownell
9470 Dry Creek Rd
Belgrade, MT 59714
1998 to 2019

Dennis Grue
PO Box 158
Manhattan, MT 59741
1996 to 2008
 2012 to 2018

Dr. Brand Robinson
4545 W Dry Creek Road
Belgrade, MT 59714
1995 to 2019
Steve Heersink - HS Trustee
7725 Churchill Road
Manhattan, MT 59741
1996 to 2017  
Mike Swan
1240 Yadon Rd
Manhattan, MT 59741
2014 to 2017  
Kelly Duncan
502 Duncan Rd
Manhattan, MT   59741
2015 to 2018  
Ed Brainard
Dave Hebner
Laura Niemi
1981 to 2015
2011 to 2014
2009 to 2012