Smarter Balanced Testing Update:
     Manhattan K - 8 has begun testing students using the Smarter Balanced test.  We are testing grades 3, 5, 6, and 7 this year as we felt that grades 4 and 8 had enough testing for the year.  We are currently experiencing no major problems with the test except when the Smarter Balanced servers become overloaded.  We hope to finish the testing by mid-May.  
Annual School Election:
     A mail ballot Trustee Election and Building Reserve Levy Elections for Manhattan Elementary School District No. 3 and Manhattan High School District No. 3 will be held on May 5, 2015. Ballots were mailed to registered voters on April 16th and must be received by May 5th at 8 pm. Details can be found in the official Notice of Election and these Sample Ballots for Manhattan, Amsterdam and Pass Creek. Please vote!
Building Reserve Levy:    Plugged Pipe  
Dear Community Members, 
     This office believes that a picture is worth a thousand words. The pictures here and this slide show are intended to illustrate actual conditions of the Elementary heating and electrical disrepair. These pictures depict deterioration of steam and water pipes, out of code electrical boxes and wiring, temporary repairs of heating units in classrooms, occluded pipes, steam and water leaks as well as circulating pump and regulator failures. 
     As you peruse these pictures and have questions, please call this office for additional explanations. We are going to be conducting tours should any patron want to observe these problems first hand. Please try attending public meetings to be announced soon for further information concerning the need and cost of the Building Reserve Levies
    As a final note concerning this matter, please know if this had been a “normal” winter the percent chance of total system failures would have been very high. Please know that your support of these levies will assure a safe school for the children of our District now and into the future.
Thank you,
Jim Notaro, Superintendent                Newsletter ...   Slide show ...   Belgrade News Article

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